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The Oven Valeting Company - Oven Valeting in Ashford

Oven Valeting in Thanet, Canterbury and South East Kent

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In just a few hours, our fully-trained staff will return your oven to near new condition!

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For Professional Oven Cleaning at the best
prices in Ashford, we're unbeatable!

Why YOU need our fast, friendly Oven Valeting Services

With a busy lifestyle, work, family - not to mention your social life - getting down on your knees and cleaning your oven is one job that keeps getting put off - until the grime and grease starts getting out of hand!

...time to call in The Professionals!

We're fast, reliable and professional, and we clean every type of oven, hob and hood (including AGAs, Rayburns and ranges)... and we have all the specialist equipment needed to bring your oven back to near-new condition.

Having your oven cleaned professionally means:

No mess in your kitchen (we use our mobile dip tank)

Affordable prices

...and more time for YOU!

How we clean your oven

To ensure we leave your oven sparkling or gleaming (as if new) we perform the following deep-cleaning:

Carefully dismantle all removeable parts

Immerse all parts in our heated dip tank

De-grease non-removable parts in situ

Clean the Hob and Extractor (if requested)

Check and replace bulbs and filters (if required)

Environmentally-friendly cleaning products

We use only environmentally-friendly cleaning products and tools, including:

Eco-friendly de-greasing solutions

Eco-friendly dip-tank solution

Non-abrasive cloths and wipes

Non-staining finishing wipes

So, if you like doing your bit for the planet, we're on your side! Our products and methods are kind to your oven - and kind to the environment! For more information and answers to your FAQS, see..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About our UNBEATABLE PRICES (from JUST 38*)

Our Mobile Oven Valeting Service is second to none in the area in terms of professional service and customer satisfaction - yet our prices are very competitive, and we think you'll see we EASILY BEAT most National and Local Oven Cleaning Specialists.

To see HOW WE COMPARE, see our Full Price List

Oven Valeting/Oven Cleaning in Ramsgate, Margate, Broadstairs... in fact, anywhere in Thanet and East Kent, including Ashford!

We provide a fast, friendly, professional Oven Valeting (Oven Cleaning) service to domestic and commercial customers in Thanet, Ashford, Canterbury and East Kent. For more details, see:

Oven Valeting/Oven Cleaning in Ashford

Oven Valeting/Oven Cleaning in Birchington

Oven Valeting/Oven Cleaning in Broadstairs

Oven Valeting/Oven Cleaning in Canterbury

Oven Valeting/Oven Cleaning in Cliftonville

Oven Valeting/Oven Cleaning in Dover

Oven Valeting/Oven Cleaning in Herne Bay

Oven Valeting/Oven Cleaning in Margate

Oven Valeting/Oven Cleaning in Ramsgate

Oven Valeting/Oven Cleaning in Whistable

Don't see your area listed here?

If you don't see your town, village or area listed here, please contact us to see if we work in your area. Call us now on 07718 231852 or click the link below to send us an email:

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Any questions?

If you have any questions about our services, or you want to book an appointment..

See our FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) page

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